SAFETY POLE is available in 136 different variations and therefore useable in many different locations.

We are pleased to find for you the best modification for your application profile.

The basic pole can be equipped with video, lights or flag in many different ways, so we will welp to find the right configuration also for your purpose.


We offer the following specifications

  • Pole high (5m / 6m / 7m )
  • Flag mounting
  • Video platform / 360° usable

  • Small video platform can is liftable inside the pole

  • LED-lighting head

  • Variable number of LED-modules

  • Different LED illuminations CLARYLUX (180° / 360°)

  • Different lighting colours

  • Different lighting controls

LED-outdoor lighting CLARYLUX

CLARYLUX is a special designed and innovative outdoor lighting.

The 360° illumination area is divided in 4 sectors.

Every single sector has 3 LED-Modules and its own control system. Each module can be replaced individually.

Light colours are available from 3.200 up to 6.000 k.

The lenses providing a maximum use of light.

The pole has a very efficient cooling system for the LED.

Coloured lights for emergency cases can complete the functionality of SAFETY POLE.


The 12 LED-Modules can be mounted 360° around the pole head. They provide in 4 sectors a very good illumination quality.

The sectors can be used individually, which help saving costs and energy.

Besides coloured LED are also IR-LED available.

Configuration – Examples